When trouble is about to break out in Adventure Cove, the brave puppies: Skye, Chase, Everest, Marshall, Zuma, Rocky and Rubble
transform into the greatest team of superheroes the world has ever seen. And they're called the Mighty Pups Super Paws! With their mega powers, awesome new vehicles, and more, they're always on top of their game. Build a collection of 7 characters!

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Welcome to a costumed history lesson from the puppies!

Together with Fluffies, learn more about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, and modern times. Each of them will introduce you to amazing historical facts!

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Masha | The Bear

There are 8 toys in the collection. Masha and The Bear in their favorite character costumes. Get to know your favorite Masha and The Bear characters!  Inside the Sweet Box is delicious marmalade with natural fruit juice and a big toy.

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When Peter Parker promised to become Spider-Man, he knew that the suit would be the key to his new persona. Putting together the gear and gear he had, Parker performed as Spider-Man for the first time in this functional, if not exactly trendy, costume.

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This is the ultimate gift, as it allows kids to play with it for years, capturing their special moments, and when they will be done playing with it, you can make a memorable album with all of the photos your child have taken!

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