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Action Figure Set Booba Buba TV Cartoon Kids Action Figures 8pcs 6cm PVC

Action Figure Set Booba Buba TV Cartoon Kids Action Figures 8pcs 6cm PVC

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Size: Each figure is about 6cm in size.
Children's toys pvc christmas gift.
Made from non-toxic materials.
Easy to play.
Made from safe, strong and durable material.
In the process of playing and learning, enjoy the joyful family happiness Compact in terms of design, it appreciates the utility aspect too. This is what makes it worth buying.

Buba is an inquisitive brownie, outwardly he resembles a little old man, but has a long tail, lives in an apartment. It has long been known that if the brownie is kind, then order and comfort reign in the house, and if the owners offend an unknown creature, then horror and disorder await them around. Most likely, this is not about our character. Buba is definitely lucky with the owners, Buba himself is very kind, only terribly inquisitive. In the case of Buba, this is his huge disadvantage. Each time, because of his curiosity, he finds himself in different situations, the result of which is the same - devastation and disorder.

The shaggy little brownie always tries to keep the house in order and cleanliness, only usually after his tricks there is a mess. Buba explores all the rooms in the house with great pleasure, masters the kitchen and bathroom, sneaks into the attic, and even finds himself in a museum, a circus or a store. Wherever he goes home, incredible adventures await him. Like a small child, Buba discovers objects and things familiar to all of us: a banana, toys, a vacuum cleaner, a sandwich, and so on. Everything is new to him. Booba does not know how to talk, he makes various sounds, thanks to which he expresses his emotions. Surprisingly, this character fell in love not only with children, but also with adults, so the cartoon quickly gained popularity. Each series of the cartoon shows short stories from the life of Buba, it is very interesting and fun to watch his antics.
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