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Action Figures One Piece 12pcs/set PVC 4-5cm

Action Figures One Piece 12pcs/set PVC 4-5cm

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With Luffy / Enel / Buggy / Shanks / Wapol / Moria / Arlong / Krieg / Kuro / Morgan / Crocodile / Rob Lucci from the One Piece miniature collection, hours of fun are guaranteed. You can play with them by following their stories, or collect as many of them as you want.

Noble materials
The figurines are made of plastic, thanks to which they are pleasant and soft to the touch, which distinguishes the various textures and reliefs of the characters' bodies.

Ideal for collectors
One of the things you can do with these types of figurines is collect them and store them in a special place. As you learn more and more, your collection will grow and become more diverse.
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