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Board game Om Nom Cut The Rope: Magic

Board game Om Nom Cut The Rope: Magic

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A re-release of the fun in the board game Cut The Rope Magic with the extraction of sweets for the cartoon Om Nom.

The little green monster Om Nom is going to refresh himself with candy, and you have to help him with this. Be careful and prudent, create chains of cards and use scissors, and most importantly, watch your opponents, because only one of you will win the favor of the mischievous Om Nom.

Where are my supplies?
Everyone will have their own personal deck, from which we need to get rid of cards, shifting our cards into rows of levels according to the rules of the game until a collection of ten cards is collected in a row of levels. Very entertaining and interesting. And it's good for kids too.

You can use separate rules for a quick game or combine conditions that you have invented yourself.

Game process
The participants take turns. The winner is the one who first gets rid of all the cards from his personal deck.

Passing levels
The player can play as many cards as they like in their own rows of levels. Each player's play area has three rows of supplies and three rows of levels.

Cards are added to the level rows from the hand, from the supply row (top cards only), or from the personal deck.

The rows of levels must be opened by the card "1", "10" or "Scissors" (a joker card that can replace any level card). Cards in the rows of levels must go strictly in order - ascending or descending.

A level is considered passed when it consists of 10 cards. Passed level cards are sent to the discard pile.

The player adds 1 card from their hand to any supply row. Cards can be placed on the supply rows in any order.

Card draw
The player draws cards from the deck so that the hand has 6 cards again.

End of the game
The game ends when a player puts the last card from their personal deck into the row of the level. This player becomes the winner.

The game also ends if no one can make a valid move. Then the winner is the one who has fewer cards in his personal deck.
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