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Cut The Rope Om Nom Fructonosca Plastic Fruit Box

Cut The Rope Om Nom Fructonosca Plastic Fruit Box

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Om Nom toy fruit suction cup with opening neck allows you not only to play, but also to store fruits, sweets and other small things that fit in size. Fructonosca Om Nom is used in many ways ;-) Fruit Lunchbox - You can put an apple, kiwi or even a modest sized pomegranate in the mouth of little Om Nom. In this form, the fruit will be protected from unauthorized rolling over the bag and backpack. And the child will be happy to carry his healthy snack with him in such a fun way. Om Nom toy container - In addition to storing and carrying fruits, children come up with a bunch of games with it. Often, Om Nom, like in a cartoon, hides candy inside or hunts for them. It's absolutely safe. Suitable for playing with young children. No burrs, sharp parts, etc. Casket - young fashionistas, as well as fans of the popular Cut The Rope game, they will appreciate the compact jewelry box, rubber bands, cosmetics, sponge storage and other little things that beauties need. It can be carried in a bag, taken on vacation, easy to clean and transport. And maybe it's a cute accent piece on your desktop where you'll collect the necessary little stationery like paper clips, buttons, and so on. Soap dish - in the form of the main character of the Cut The Rope game, it will become a bright accent in the children's bathroom, and will always be in sight and will not be lost in the children's camp, thanks to its creative and bright design. The little rodent house is creative and cute. Your pet in the mouth of your favorite frog Om Nom. Cheer up the world of fauna to its fullest! But the biggest plus from the legendary Fruit Bearer is helping moms to feed the baby “reluctantly” - while the baby is busy opening the mouth of the toy, trying to feed it, he reflexively opens his mouth and absorbs food with pleasure. Tested and recommended by the My Baby Eats Nothing Moms Association. ;-) This toy will become a functional attribute of the interior, will cheer you up, and will also become an indispensable and useful assistant.

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