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Game set How to train your dragon 8pcs

Game set How to train your dragon 8pcs

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The trilogy about the friendship of humans and dragons has been embodied in a game set. Those who have watched at least one episode of the sequel will surely be impressed by the good intentions of Hiccup, Astrid, a volunteer rescue team. And now the kids have the main characters of this fairy tale: Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang, Sausage, Razorwing, Thunderwing, Day Fury. The peculiarity of the figurines is an exact copy of the cartoon characters, from fangs to wings.

Now it will be easy for kids to create the atmosphere of Berk Island and imagine a new environment for dragons on a safe island. The How to Train Your Dragon 3 set is suitable for home entertainment, play in the garden, playground, near a water source.

It is convenient to hold the figurines in your hand, move them along the sand, bench, floor, upholstered furniture. Eight characters make it possible for the whole children's team to get involved in the game. The How to Train Your Dragon 3 set perfectly develops imagination, teaches children to communicate with each other, and contributes to the qualitative development of fine motor skills of fingers. Figures can be changed, played while holding 2 dragons in hands. Even if your child is an introvert, he will be interested in using the set while playing alone.
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