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Team Superheroes!
When trouble is about to break out in Adventure Cove, the brave puppies: Skye, Chase, Everest, Marshall, Zuma, Rocky and Rubble
transform into the greatest team of superheroes the world has ever seen. And they're called the Mighty Pups Super Paws! With their mega powers, awesome new vehicles, and more, they're always on top of their game.
Build a collection of 7 characters!
Chaser's super speed makes him the fastest pup in all of Adventure Cove! His backpack is equipped with a braking parachute, which he uses to slow himself down. Megapower: Super Speed
Marshall can melt anything he touches with his powerful heat! He has a super blaster built into his backpack. Megapower: Superblaster

Rocky's super tools give him the ability to create tools out of energy... from a drill to a hammer, a paint sprayer, and more! And the vacuum of his backpack is so powerful that it can suck up meteorites. Megapower: Super Tools.

Rubble's superpower gives him the ability to lift and move really heavy objects... such as boulders and dump trucks! His backpack opens up to use his claw-like backhoe. Megapower: Superpower.

With his water powers, Zuma can shoot jets of water from his paws. He can also create a wave on which he surfs with his surfboard. Megapower: The Superpower of Water.

Skye has the power to create whirlwinds, and she can also fly! She does this with the help of her super wings, which are in her backpack. Megapower: MegaSwirlwind.
Everest can freeze anything with her icy breath. She can create snowstorms with her paws, and she can sled through them from her backpack. Megapower: Snowstorm.

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