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Sweetbox Cosmopony marmalade with a toy in a box

Sweetbox Cosmopony marmalade with a toy in a box

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A long time ago, the Milky Way galaxy appeared in the vast expanses of space. Eight celestial inhabitants and the guardians named after them - small space ponies - stood out brighter than others in the starry sky. Gather everyone and find out what their star names hide! Sun Named after the brightest star in the galaxy. The sun has been a leader since childhood, now she is an important space pony. Like the star on which she lives, the Sun loves to take care of others, which is why she chose the profession of a doctor. Her best friend is Venus. They often chat over hot cups of stardust.

Venus Named after the yellow planet in the galaxy. Venus is a beauty and fashionista. He spends the whole day taking care of his appearance: either combing his mane and tail, or sunbathing under the rays of the nearest stars. No wonder people named the goddess of beauty after her. The best friend is the Sun, and Jupiter is not indifferent to her. Named after the great asteroid of the Galaxy.

Vesta is a fidget, a lover of adventure and sports, so she prefers outdoor activities to reading books. Constantly in search of thrills, it is not for nothing that asteroids are considered unpredictable space objects. Best friend - Mercury, he helps her in new tricks

Earth Named after the blue planet in the galaxy. Earth is the nicest and most generous pony. Planet Earth has sheltered many living beings, where they live in care and affection, and the pony helps her in this. All day long, the pony makes sure that no one disturbs the inhabitants of the planet. Faithful friend of the Earth - Moon Mercury Named after a small planet in the Galaxy.

Mercury is a little space pony, just like the planet he lives on. A prankster, a fidget and a favorite of all pony girls. Considers himself a great inventor. Mercury's favorite pastime is to invent games and pampering. Best friend - Vesta

Ceres Named after a tiny planet in the galaxy. Little Ceres is the most obedient and intelligent space pony. Despite his size, he is considered an authority, as he constantly reads and knows a lot. She can often be found in the company of her best friend - Jupiter.

Jupiter Named after the largest planet in the galaxy. Like the planet, Jupiter is the largest and strongest space pony, and his luxurious thick mane is the envy of pony girls. With its long braid, Jupiter drives annoying meteorites away from its planet. Indifferent to Venus and friends with Ceres
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