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Sweetbox Kids Box Among Us Collectible toys in a box

Sweetbox Kids Box Among Us Collectible toys in a box

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As many as twelve space freaks descended to Earth so that kids from 3 years old could arrange an exciting game with small combined figures. Since the faces of the Among Us characters are not visible behind the glass of the spacesuits, the kids themselves decide who has what mission in the game. Even if the kids have no idea what computer game the mysterious space heroes came from, they will be interested in playing military operations or looking for a traitor villain among the positive characters.

Each combo minifigure not only comes with its own color shade, but also features a red apple, black hat, blue cap, or some plunger-like bauble. A good socialization game for kids can compete with the heroes of the anime "Demon Slayer". The gradual adaptation of boys and girls to the realities of life occurs with the use of modern toys, which are the idols of many fidgets and mischief-makers.

Collect the entire collection of 12 pieces
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