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Sweetbox SpongeBob marmalade with a toy in a box

Sweetbox SpongeBob marmalade with a toy in a box

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Who lives at the bottom of the ocean?
Welcome to the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, where SpongeBob and his friends Patrick the starfish, Gary the snail, Sandy the squirrel, Squidward the octopus and Mr. Krabs live. Amazing adventures lie in wait for them at every turn. However, everything always ends well and friends go to catch jellyfish or blow bubbles. Because they don't get bored!
Collect the entire collection of 6 characters!

Packaging - a small cardboard box, brightly designed, with the image of characters from the cartoon SpongeBob.

As an additional protection, the box is sealed with tape at the opening. On the box you can find the composition of the edible part of the set, i.e. marmalade.

Colorful characters of your favorite cartoon and insanely delicious marmalade will appeal to both adults and especially children.
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