Коллекция: Horror

Horror stories and zombies are starting to interest children over the age of five. You can't do without them, because computer games are literally full of scary creatures. And in children's books, characters from the other world are not uncommon.

They can be:

  • humanoids
  • witches
  • ghosts
  • demons in the form of pets.

At the age of 5-10, children adore things created by imagination and not resembling real objects. The older the child, the more he or she appreciates the realism of the image. The Siren-headed Monster can scare a toddler. At the age of 10, it is a subject for fun and jokes. In general, horror toys are an excellent choice for children of preschool and primary school age. Zombies are the perfect purchase for a Halloween or theme party. Jack Skellington, the terrifying Cat Cat, and the Devil the Magician are great partners for games.