Коллекция: Naruto

Naruto - bring your favorite series to life!

Collecting a collection of heroes is especially prestigious! The main character in the set is the young ninja Naruto. The series also features his friends, teachers, and like-minded people. Figures of Sensei Kasaki, girl Sakura Haruno, boy Sasuke Uchiha emphasize the strength and intelligence of the main character. You can buy them individually and in sets. The secrets of anime are simple: cute characters; a fascinating plot; good music; and the fight for justice. Evil forces are represented in the cartoon by demons. The most famous of them is the Fox. In the reviews, there is an opinion that otherworldly spirits symbolize negative traits of people. Fighting them is about overcoming one's own imperfections.

Naruto toys - what they are

Most children are interested in figures that represent their favorite characters, as well as antagonists - demons. They are very similar to the figures from the Demon Slayer manga. Since 2008, manufacturers have released several series of toys. The series was released in two versions. Therefore, some of the game models are made in a primitive childish manner. The second part is in the form of detailed collectible figures. The most popular character is the main character of the manga, the boy Naruto Uzumaki. He is easily recognizable by his bright costume and blond hair. The teenager also wears a headband with a spiral image. This is a symbolic image of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. The Japanese word naruto (whirlwind, whirlpool) also refers to the spiral.

Manga characters have jutsu techniques (superpowers). They can create clones, concentrate chakra (energy), and transform into other creatures. Fantastic abilities apply not only to people but also to weapons. The kunai sword is sharp and strong. It pierces any obstacle and can even cut a stone. The ninja figures from the series are easily recognizable by a special headband. It necessarily depicts one of the ancient manga symbols. Sometimes Naruto dolls are dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos. But you can also find statuettes in modern tracksuits. Huge eyes, big head, porcelain complexion are typical features of Japanese cartoon characters. Sometimes the statuette holds a weapon. But more often - some kind of magic object.