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Sweetbox Kidsbox Trolls 3 Chewing gummies with a toy in a KIDS BOX

Sweetbox Kidsbox Trolls 3 Chewing gummies with a toy in a KIDS BOX

Обычная цена $4.56 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $4.56 USD
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Kidsbox "Trolls 3" - all children's desires in one box!

This is the best present for which you do not need to look for a reason! This is a cool gift that you can give anytime!

Bright colorful packaging in itself perfectly cheers up, but if you look inside the Trolls 3 kidsbox, you can find: a beautiful toy - a character from your favorite cartoon. It will become a real decoration of a children's room, or maybe a faithful companion for a child while walking around the city or traveling to the sea.

Sweet marmalade is able to improve mood and renew spent energy even in the most tired baby. This is not surprising, because each Kidsbox contains: incredibly delicious gummies. They give not only a good mood, but also quickly restore the forces expended during active games. Domestic marmalade. The design of marmalade packaging may differ from the photo on the website. And they also give a great chance to communicate with other children in the yard, kindergarten or school.

Kidsbox "Trolls 3" is a chance to captivate little fidgets with an interesting game and free up a couple of hours for long-delayed tasks or communication with your soulmate.

Enjoy life together, giving kidsbox "Trolls 3" to children, and yourself the opportunity to admire their happy faces!
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